Postcards from the Medical Outreach Team, Part 9

We are proud to share the 9th update from the Medical Outreach Team, who traveled to African earlier this year.

“Sunday, April 21, 2013


Today was truly a gift from God.  We awoke this morning to a cool breeze and a beautiful sunlit sky.  As I, Anna, have been reflecting on the time we have spent here, I continue to be overwhelmed with the normalcy of being in eSikhawini with the Mafus and ACM.  God is at work in mighty ways, and you see it in every smile and every tear of the Zulu people and our team.


Yesterday was an amazing day.  We held our children’s clinic which served about 1/6 of ACM classes (about 375 kids – ACM has over 1800 kids in after school Bible classes weekly).  As Colleen, John and myself drove all over eSikhawini and picked up 30 kids at a time and watched them pile into the 10 passenger van, we was overwhelmed by God’s goodness and love for these children.  It was a great start to the day and a great reminder of why we are here – to share the joy of Jesus with children while they are still young. The clinic proceeded without a hitch.  Sanjeev, Megan, Dakota, John and myself dosed out thousands of pills and creams.  Geri kept busy giving each child a yucky tasting medicine for worms (which no one complained about).  Doctors Prasanth, Sharon, Cathy, Nurses Lynn and Deb saw all 375 kids and listened to every complaint and shared in every laugh and tear.  Vicki and Bernadette washed out ears and gave treatments, while Karen directed the kids to each doctor and station.  June and Ib dosed out pills and gave our team the gift of clean laundry.  Janice shared in the joy of sight as she tested kids for glasses.  


The ACM staff served as our translators.  We continue to be so impressed with the commitment these young adults and mamas have for the children served by ACM.  The kids were on their best behavior as they waited for hours to see the doctors.  We were able to sing together, play together and pray together.  What a privilege God has given us to love on these children.

While the clinic was going on, Jim and Dan finished a prayer garden next to Grace Evangelical Church, in celebration of the friendship of Dr. Sharon and Dr. Isaiah and Mercy Mafu spanning 40 years.  During the service today, the garden was dedicated as a place for people to rest and be with God.  It is BEAUTIFUL!  

Worshiping today with my Zulu brothers and sisters was a profound experience.  God’s presence descended on us as we listened, danced, and attempted to sing with our Zulu friends.  How awesome is it that we worship the same God, no matter if we can understand what we are singing?

photo 2

Today was a glorious day! I, Sanjeev, among the rest of the team and our Zulu friends listened to Prasanth share the gospel. Baba Mafu asked him earlier in the week to share a sermon for today’s service. Naturally, he said he would pray about it and get back to him. A few days past and Baba Mafu came back to him and said he didn’t have to do it because of the festivities. He thought he was off the hook but yesterday he came up to him and asked him to do it again. But Prasanth agreed with great privilege. So with only a few hours to prepare, God spoke to him in a great way to share the gospel. The Zulu people say to everyone in the church, “We greet you in the name of Jesus Christ, our Savior (in Zulu).” Prasanth broke down each part of that phrase. It was a sense of proudness I’ve never felt before for him. God has given him two gifts, the hand to heal and the voice to preach. If he was a pastor, I can honestly say I wouldn’t fall asleep in church if he was speaking. I may be a bit bias but he’s definitely got a gift to share the gospel.

Tomorrow, we have our fourth clinic day where we will serve the ACM staff and family. 

photo 3

This day won’t be as busy as the kids’ day but just as important because they are so important to ACM. We will also attend some of the ACM classes to see some children and play with them. We are all looking forward to seeing the kids, especially me. I was very sick yesterday and I didn’t get to play with the kids. So I am feeling better now and tomorrow I will be able to play with the kids. I was truly impressed that the kids took the medication for worms. I have taken one in the past, it is awful!

It’s hard to believe that a week has gone by and we only have a week left here. But every moment has been great and fulfilling.  We look forward to spending more time in fellowship with our Zulu brothers and sisters.  We are truly humbled that God is using us for His glory.

Anna and Sanjeev (for the team)”

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