Postcards from the Medical Outreach Team, Part 10

Tuesday, April 23

dakota megan

Sawubona Family and Friends,

Today is the day of the South African Jelly Fish. After a morning of taking inventory and cleaning the Mafu’s home and the dorms, the team and Baba Mafu took a trip to the beach. The team drove to Richard’s Bay with bated breath as the clouds and the winds were rolling in to the shore but shortly after we arrived and settled in to a place on the beach blocked by the sea wall and dunes, protected from the wind whipping sand at us, the sun began to shine and the wind died down. Some of the team enjoyed splashing in the surf. Other members relaxed on the sand. Most of us took walks along the shore or the pier in search of dolphins. In the end, no dolphins were spotted but many jelly fish washed up on to shore where team members marveled at God’s creation. Some even dared to touch them, while others were scouring the sea for snails and shells. We departed the beach at Richards Bay with the image of two monkeys running along the dunes and were lead out of the city by billowing clouds looking like angels and pink glowing mounds of fluff with the sun setting behind it.

Sorry for the short email but we will be getting up at 4 am to depart for the mountain for our final clinic. After the clinic, we will drive down the mountain to the game park, where we will stay until Friday morning. We will contact you at some point on Friday and provide the travel itinerary for our return.

Thanks everyone for your prayers we will continue to pray for all of you and cannot wait to see you in a few days.

Megan and Dakota, for the team”

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