Meet Us Mondays: Dr. Kelly Burke

IMG_0681It’s been a busy few months for our practice as our family keeps growing – like yours. We opened our new Troy office, our third location, and we welcomed in a new doctor. Meet Dr. Kelly Burke, who comes to us from Grand Rapids and is happy to be back home in Metro Detroit practicing Obstetrics.

Dr. Burke had a life changing experience when she once volunteered for a Mission trip to the Dominican Republic where she said she learned the difference between “want” and “need.” Her life and core values were never the same after going and performing deliveries and operations where the only source of light was someone standing over her, holding a flashlight. There were geckos in the operating room, and patients often refused pain killers and narcotics following surgery (surgeries were primarily hysterectomies for enlarged uteruses). Without pain killers, Dr. Burke’s follow-up consisted of making sure patients made it into the ocean to let the twice daily salt water rinse keep the incision clean. It was hard work, but she ended up going back each of the next two years.

IMG_0960 IMG_0979

In her spare time, these days, Dr. Burke enjoys kayaking whenever possible, which reminds her of another life-changing experience when she and some friends spent 19-days at sea, sailing from Antigua to the Straits of Gibralter, and then 2 more days sailing through the Mediterranean Sea until they reached their final destination – Spain. On this journey, she and her fellow crew members caught their own fish (sometimes by hand), lived on rationed water, and she learned first hand what a life without abundance can feel like, and what it feels like to live not knowing what the next day will hold in store.

“Life is precious,” says Dr. Burke. “It’s an honor to bring life into this world, and I love every day I have that I get to do it.”

We’re lucky to call Dr. Burke one of our own.

Oakland Macomb OBGYN has three convenient locations for your convenience. Our Mission is to Provide Excellent, Comprehensive, Individualized Healthcare For Women Within a Framework of Compassion, Dignity and Service.

We are pleased to offer a complete range of obstetrical and gynecological services to women of all ages in Southeastern Michigan. Our practice includes seven physicians, three nurse midwives, one women’s health nurse practitioner and two physician assistants. Call today for an appointment or a phone consultation – 248.997.5805

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