birthing affirmations

Birthing Affirmations

The Midwives at Oakland Macomb OB-GYN are a beautiful alternative to the typical doctor-nurse-patient childbirth relationship. We are proud to have them and to be able to offer a traditional and centuries old option when you walk through the same doors where our award winning doctors practice Obstetrics and Gynecology. Over the next few weeks, we’ll be introducing you to each of our Midwives, their philosophies and approach to childbirth, and much more. We are one of only a few OBGYN offices nationwide to enthusiastically embrace and include them inside a traditional OBGYN office.

Our Midwives are aware of, and support, hypnobirthing – a straightforward and gentle approach that reminds women that childbirth doesn’t have to be scary and, at its core, is thousands of years old and relatively simple.

As your months of pregnancy roll on, it’s not uncommon to worry and wonder if you really can do it. Many women get scared and develop anxiety issues and one aspect of hypnobirthing is practicing and reciting affirmations. These affirmations are meant to redirect your thoughts and remind yourself that, yes, you can do this and you might only need some slight help from a doctor, nurse or midwife. For thousands of years, women have given birth and it’s as beautiful today as it was at the dawn of time.

Be calm. Breathe deep. Know that you are strong and able. And we invite you to recite and believe you can give birth and your are beautiful.





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