exercise during pregnancy

Walking is the Perfect Pregnancy Exercise

Walking is the Perfect Exercise During PregnancyOne of the most important things you can do during your pregnancy is exercise. If you’ve been online lately, or strolled through your local bookstore, there’s no shortage of Pilate, yoga, dance, or other trendy workouts to consider. We’re not going to say any of them are bad or good, but if you haven’t mastered yoga before pregnancy, and if Pilates was never your cup of tea, don’t forget good old fashioned walking.

It’s June and maybe (hopefully) Michigan weather will stay above 50 degrees for a while and you can get outside and walk, enjoy the fresh air, and get that much needed exercise. You owe it to yourself.

We’ve found a few articles on things to consider, tips, and fun ideas to make your exercise more enjoyable. Read them on the treadmill. Go for a walk.

Benefits of Walking: Dos and Don’ts for Pregnant Walkers (Parents.com)

7 Great Benefits of Exercise During Pregnancy (babycenter.com)

Walking in Pregnancy (getwalking.org)

Have a great week.

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