Tips for Choosing Your OB-GYN

by Dr. James McBride

I’ve seen expectant mothers spend an entire nine months picking out the perfect shade of green paint for a nursery or the perfect crib. Having a baby is a major life changing moment. So shouldn’t you spend at least as much effort and do as much research when choosing your OB-GYN?

Obviously, I think we’re the best team of OB-GYNs and Midwives in Metro Detroit and with three offices, we’re convenient to you and wish we could deliver every baby in town, but that’s not possible. And as much as I’d rather not admit it, we might not even be a perfect match for every mom-to-be.

Maybe your doctor is pro-natural birth and you want an epidural. You’d like someone with a birthing center, but your current Obstetrician only delivers at hospitals? You’re curious about a Mid-Wife option but aren’t sure who to ask or how to begin learning about it.

You can call our offices and schedule a meeting and consultation at any time. I get asked often about how to choose the right doctor for you and here are some tips to get started.

Decide on a Type of Provider

Our patients choose if they would like a doctor or midwife to deliver them.  Our midwives are considered “top of the midwife food chain” as Certified Nurse Midwives. They deliver in the hospital with physician back up.  Women who are at higher risk default to physician care but everyone else chooses the right fit for them.

Get Recommendations

Certainly seek advice from your friends who are also expecting or who’ve recently given birth, but don’t be afraid to ask your Obstetrician for references and talk to current patients. Bedside manner, reputation, and accessibility to doctors should all be considered when choosing.

Research Hospitals

Once you’ve found an Obstetrician you feel comfortable with, you should also follow a similar process in researching the hospital where they deliver babies. We’re proud to deliver at Troy Beaumont, but every hospital is different and you’d be wise to visit the hospitals, too, and ask for references.  We feel that there is no better hospital to deliver babies than Troy Beaumont.  The NICU is top notch and the nursing care and patient experiences are highest in the state.

Is your insurance accepted there? Are you high-risk? What is the NCIU like? Are you hoping for a water birth and do they have the facilities? These are great questions to ask.

Schedule a Consultation

As I said, you agonize over which crib you’ll buy, the bedding, and the paint color for the walls. Take some time and see if the fit is right for you.

This is a big moment in your life, and if you’re newly pregnant with your first child, for at least the next 10 months, you’ll be seeing your Obstetrician or Midwife quite a bit. For me, I like to make my patients feel like they’re joining our family, as I certainly approach it like I’m joining theirs, too. Whether you’re planning on having 1, 2, 3, 5 or more children, we’ll be seeing alot of each other.

Here’s hoping you choose Oakland-Macbom OB-GYN, but whatever you choose, make a decision that’s well researched and right for you.

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